The Dirty Little Secret in Marketing No One Is Talking About

Lately I’ve been rethinking EVERYTHING I’ve known to be true in social media/digital marketing. You see there is a dirty little secret no one is talking about in the industry…

How many times have you heard…

“You’re just one funnel away from making 6 figures”

“You’re just one webinar away from a sold out launch”

“I had a 6 figure launch in 1 week…..with no work at all”


Here is the secret… the way we’ve been doing digital marketing for the last 6-7 years no longer works for the average business owner.

The gurus who taut success are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sales so their profit margins are none existent.

After 10 years in the digital marketing game I can say with certainty that Facebook ads are not going to make you rich. All the ads, videos, courses, & webinars that promise this—-LIES.

Lies perpetuated by the gurus & marketing bros of the tech world. (**cough cough Russell Brunson**)

Because of this I feel it is time to return to the very basics of marketing, without the flash & get rich quick schemes.

At their core all humans want to feel heard understood & appreciated.

When you show up & offer your expertise in an authentic way without expecting anything in return— people feel connected to you. They begin to trust you & see the authority you bring to the table.

So why don’t more businesses take this approach? Simply put this process is SLOW. It takes thoughtful consideration. It is the complete opposite of the mainstream marketing machine.

The truth is, ads aren’t going to save your business. And automation alone won’t keep you from losing money each month.

But if you take the time to implement heart-centered marketing practices that establish genuine human to human emotional connections you will see & feel a shift.

This is why in 2019 I’m doing things differently: no more vanity likes, no more funnel gimmicks, just serving my audience & helping them connect with their clients by building authority.

If you made it through this whole post… I applaud you.

Though I might be asking for an ear full… what are your thoughts on this? Have you been feeling this too? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The Dirty Little Secret in Marketing No One Is Talking About”

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