Prep Your Business’s Facebook Page for Vacation Like a Pro

We all need a break sometimes — even business owners. But when you don’t have any extra employees to handle your social media, what can you do? You don’t want your business to look dead while you’re on vacation! And it doesn’t have to.

Whether you’re on a summer vacation traveling the world or taking a quick break during the holiday season, if you follow these tips, your business will look alive year-round!

1. Plan Early

I know, you probably already have SO much on your plate planning your vacation, but this is something that must be done! Take a moment, sit down, and think about what you’d like to share while you’re away.

Open up your calendar analyze how long you’ll be away and how many posts you’ll need during that time. Once you’ve come up with a schedule, make a list of content you’d like to share each day.

2. Create Those Posts NOW

Instead of waiting until it’s time to post on Facebook and frantically figuring out exactly what you want to say in each post (or forgetting to post altogether), do it NOW.

Gather up all the links or images you want to share and write up what you’d like to share with each one.

3. Schedule Those Posts

Now that you’ve got everything together that you want to share, why not take it a step further schedule those posts?! You can easily schedule posts directly on your Facebook page, or you can use a 3rd party site, like Buffer or Hootsuite.

4. Or Hand it Over to Someone Else

If you’ve really got too much going on to find time to schedule your Facebook posts, I get it! Seriously, as a sole proprietor that loves to travel, I 100% understand! That’s where outsourcing comes into play.

There are tons of freelancers and social media managers (like myself), that would be delighted to help your brand thrive while you’re on vacation!

They can schedule posts and even monitor and reply to comments and messages.

If you’re planning on hiring someone, make sure you allow them direct access to you while you’re away just in case of an emergency, like a hard-to-answer question from a customer!

5. Or Try Partially Outsourcing

Even if you have time to schedule your Facebook posts while you’re away, you’ve still got the task of monitoring your Facebook page for comments and message. Which can feel like a total burden while you’re trying to relax and get your mind off work!

Instead, you can hire someone to simply monitor your page and keep an eye out for anything that needs a response from your business!

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