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Ready to Create & Launch Your First Podcast?

So you have an idea or even a title for your podcast but you feel TOTALLY overwhelmed with the amount of information and advice out there on podcastsing.

I get it, completely, because a few short months ago I was just like you.  I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and like a total impostor (why in the world would anyone listen to ME?!) just like you.  

My podcast Biz  Babes With Soul started off as an intuitive nudge and grew into and amazing place where women share openly about their lives.

And I did it all in just 30 days on my own. 

Now I want to help you create & launch your first podcast with total ease in just 30 days with my expert knowledge.

No more late night googling, scrolling through Amazon, and watching 100’s of YouTube Videos that give you little information.  

No more overwhelm.

No more frustration.

No more impostor syndrome.

I will personally walk you through from the idea phase to launching and beyond for your new podcast.

And I couldn’t be more excited!

It's Time For You To Share Your Story & Expertise With The World

  • In a matter of 40 minutes with Melody, my podcast co-host Sara and I, were able to understand and implement the basics of launching our own podcast from the ground up!Melody was able to cut through all the information out there on podcasts, from what mic to buy, where to host your episodes, where to find music, how to edit episodes using Audacity, and so much more!

    We were left with quick actionable steps to get our podcast off the ground and up and running much faster than if we’d not had Melody’s expert help.

    Heather Procknal

    Co-host of The Aquemini Health Podcast
  • Melody was an absolute pleasure to work with. What I loved most about her is her energy and ability to easily connect. You can definitely tell she was made for podcasting as she asks just the right amount of questions, is able to ease you into it and makes you feel like lifelong friends in just a matter of minutes. I had never done a podcast interview before so I didn’t know what to expect, but we had an introductory call so we could get to know each more (which I loved!) and she laid out what I could expect. The entire process was smooth and effortless and she’s really committed to both making sure her audience gets the most value while making her guests feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.

    Heidi Lynne

    CEO & People Development Partner
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Melody. She has a natural way of asking questions that capture authentic conversation in such a relatable way. I can’t wait for our next conversation, she’s absolutely fantastic!

    Sophia Hyder-Hock

    Founder/CEO: Papilia

Back in April I woke up to an overwhelming feeling that I NEEDED to start a podcast. And I laughed. Because as much as I love listening to and being a guest on a podcasts, the idea of starting my own and leading the conversation terrified me. 

Your intuition is funny like that, right? The things that scare you the most are most likely the things you should go after.

The Biz Babes with Soul podcast was born out this intuitive nudge and the idea that radical honesty needs to be apart of the conversation with female entrepreneurs. We spend SO much of our time comparing ourselves to others online and feeling like we are alone on this island. We NEED to hear about the journeys of other women to feel like we aren’t alone.

And I want you to feel like you aren’t alone in the process of creating your podcast. I want to empower you to share your life, your business, or whatever makes your soul sing through your show. That is why I created this incredible program. It’s Time For You To Share Your Story & Expertise With The World

The Biz Babes With Soul Podcast Has Seen Tremendous Growth Since May 2018

What's Included In This Course:

  • 4 weeks of video content & weekly assignments
  • Facebook Group for everyone in course
  • 1-on-1 30 Minute Session with Melody ($350 value)

In 4 weeks we’ll cover:

  • Generating or Fleshing Out the Idea For Your Podcast
  • Researching Your Audience
  • Administrative tasks (setting up hosting, schedule, etc)
  • How to Get the Right Equipment
  • Where & How to Record
  • Which Apps To Use & Why
  • How to Find Amazing Guests
  • Recording Your First Interview
  • How to Edit in Audacity
  • How to Grow & Promote Your Podcast
  • And more!

You get all of this for JUST $97

You’ll walk away with a brand new podcast, amazing guest connections, & the confidence to go KICK-ASS.

So what’s stopping you?

Next round starts February 4th, 2019. You DO NOT want to miss out.

Hell Yes, Sign Me Up!

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