Introducing the Biz Babes with Soul Podcast!

Back in April I woke up to an overwhelming feeling that I NEEDED to start a podcast. And I laughed. Because as much as I love listening to and being a guest on a podcasts, the idea of starting my own and leading the conversation terrified me.

Your intuition is funny like that, right? The things that scare you the most are most likely the things you should go after.

The Biz Babes with Soul podcast was born out this intuitive nudge and the idea that radical honesty needs to be apart of the conversation with female entrepreneurs. We spend SO much of our time comparing ourselves to others online and feeling like we are alone on this island. We NEED to hear about the journeys of other women to feel like we aren’t alone.

The first four episodes are out now and include conversations about depression, anxiety, loss, infertility, law of attraction and intuition—oh and of course, business. I am incredibly proud of these women for stepping up and sharing their RAW & REAL stories.

Feel free to share this podcast with anyone with might benefit from it.

1 thought on “Introducing the Biz Babes with Soul Podcast!”

  1. I love the casual tone of the show and I am so happy with my main takeaways from this episode:
    1. Pinpointing how important the internal work is, opposed to the strategy that everyone is throwing into, bit which is useless without healthy foundations !
    2. « I really believe that you cannot create a business from a place of ease and flow », that one is powerful! Without this tension, nothing cannot be created !

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