Improve Your Facebook Ads Before Finishing Your Morning Coffee

Whether your Facebook ad campaign is completely failing, or it’s just not doing as well as past campaigns, there’s always room for improvement! But improving your ad results doesn’t have to take hours or a team experts.

Ad results can be pretty unpredictable. You might have one day that your ad is costing you 10 cents per click, and the next day it jumps to 50 cents. That doesn’t mean you should instantly start to worry and make drastic changes, though. Instead, look at the bigger picture, and don’t worry as much about the day-by-day numbers. What’s the overall trend? Who is being reached and how often? Where are they clicking? When are they clicking? All of these things come into play.

So, let’s talk about a few things you can do to monitor and improve your Facebook ads without having to block our hours of your day!

Do an analysis of the performance history

Take a look a the last 30 days of the campaign

What does the trend look like? Is it costing you more gradually over time or was there a sudden spike in the cost per click? Take a look at this and compare it to changes you’ve made to the ad.

Check how often are people seeing your ads

Frequency can play a huge role in performance! In Ads Manager, click on Columns and select Delivery. Is that number over 3? Then it’s time to make a change! A high frequency can lead to viewers hiding your ads or simply becoming blind to them as they scroll past the ad. Write down which ads have a high frequency to edit them later.

Figure out when your ads are getting the best CTR and CPC

Click on Breakdown, then Time of Day, and take a look at how your ads are performing throughout the day. Take note each time of day that’s bringing in the most clicks and lowest cost.

Check out where are your ads doing the best

Now, sort the information by Placement & Device in the Breakdown menu. Are desktop clicks killing your CPC? Or maybe right column clicks are costing you a pretty penny! Jot down what’s costing more than you’d like to be spending.

Start making some changes to those ads

Change the audience for high-frequency ads

There’s nothing wrong with your ad, so try changing the audience so it’s reaching new people! This will help to decrease the frequency and CPC.

Edit the placement of your ads

You can customize where your ads are shown. So if mobile clicks were costing you more, you can simply shut them off. Or if you were advertising on Instagram and weren’t getting traction, you can switch that off and stick with Facebook!

Create your own ad schedule

Remember those ideal times you jotted down? Use those to create a custom schedule that your ads will run on!

Update the images and text in your ad

The real issue could just be that people are tired of your ad, so try switching it up, starting those high-frequency ads. Don’t just switch colors, change it enough that viewers that have already seen your ad won’t recognize it! And while you’re at it, update the text as well—make the ad feel brand new!

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