How To Use Quizzes To Grow Your List


Quizzes are a fun, low-pressure, & unique way to interact with your ideal customer or client. They also have an average of 50% conversion! Best of all they are easy to set up.

Ready to get started with your very own lead generating quiz? Let me show you how easy it actually is to setup. 

Conceptualizing Your Quiz

Before you get started creating your first quiz you need to sit down and figure out your main goal. The three most common goals for quizzes are:

Lead Generation
Lead Qualification
Lead Segmentation

For the sake of this example let’s use the most common objective–lead generation. Once you know your goal it is time to figure out a theme or topic.

Choosing A Topic For Your Quiz

Choosing a topic for your first quiz might seem like a no-brainer or you might feel completely stuck. For my quiz I was able to test out several templates from Interact to help me simplify the process. This is the quiz template I choose to test:

Setting Up Your Quiz

Interact made is super easy to build out and add to my questions, add in my branding, logo and more!

First, choose if you want to use a template or create the quiz completely from scratch.

If you choose to go with a template like I did, you’ll want to browse through the hundreds of options available in a wide variety of niches. 

Now, let’s choose what type of quiz you’d like to make.

And now the real fun begins… select your template!

Once you select your template you’ll be directed towards the easy-to-use editor. Here you can add or edit questions, drop in your branding, and connect your e-mail marketing system and more!

Launch Your Quiz

Interact makes it incredibly easy to track your conversions, embed the quiz on your website, and share it to social media. I personally love using quizzes in Facebook Ads as an alternative to traditional opt-in funnel.

Ready to make use of this powerful tool and generate new leads for your business? GRAB THE INTERACT QUIZ BUILDER NOW!

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