How to Choose an Opt-In Offer That Actually Works

If you’re trying hard to generate leads, if you’ve set up ads trying to grow your list, but you’ve been unsuccessful, you might be missing something. Have you tried including an opt-in offer?

An opt-in offer is a freebie designed to hand over their valuable information (aka their email). People hate spam. Who here likes waking up to an inbox full of junk? No one? Then you understand why many people are so hesitant about giving away their email address!

By providing a free, valuable gift, your giving potential customers an incentive to sign up!

But how do you get started? How do you determine what type of opt-in gift to give away? What do you have to do to set it up?

Let’s talk it through…

First, think about your target customer.

What do they want? What do they value the most?

Maybe they want to save money. Maybe they want to feel healthy or lose weight. Or maybe they want to learn how to do something. There are a variety of different wants and needs that you could fulfill — the key is finding the right one.

Another tip is to look at past content you’ve shared. Content that has performed well in the past are typically things that resonate well with your customers. Is there a way you can take that content and expand upon it?

Second, decide which form that content will take.

As you may have seen for yourself, freebies can take a variety of different forms: PDFs, webinars, educational courses, videos, audio downloads…

What you have to do is think about:

  1. What would best suit the message you’re trying to get across?
  2. What would you customers prefer?

Are your customers busy and pressed for time? Then maybe an hour-long webinar isn’t going to be right for them! Maybe consider a series of short videos instead. Or a PDF that they can read at their own pace in their free time!

Finally, get it out there!

Set up a killer landing page, link it to your mailing platform, set up an automated email with your opt-in gift for new signups, and get your ads rollin’! Set up a FREE Discovery Call with me and find out how I can help you reach your goals.

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