Ep 5 of the Biz Babes with Soul Podcast: Sheedia Jansen on Using Mindset to Grow Your Business

Sheedia was SO much fun to chat with. I LOVE how fearlessly she shares her joy and passion for coaching women in this episode


In this episode we get real about her struggles as a growing entrepreneur and how she knew she was called to help women around the world succeed. She also shares a few of her favorite mindset hacks!

It took Sheedia years to finally find her purpose and create a business that she loves. Owning her own business was always the plan, but for a long time she was just trying to make money for making moneys sake. Which left her exhausted and unfulfilled. Finding out her purpose and what lit her up has helped her fall in love with life and accept herself for who she is. Now she helps aspiring shepreneurs find their purpose and create a wildly financially free lives.

Learn more about Sheedia Jansen here: http://bit.ly/FreeSpiritShepreneurs (Facebook group), heysheedia.com


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