Ep 3 of the Biz Babes with Soul Podcast: Jasmine Ivy on Growing a 6 Figure Business by Listening to Your Intuition

Guys, I’m not gonna lie. I was SO FREAKING excited to have Jasmine Ivy on as one of my very first guests. She is is an INCREDIBLE inspiration to me about how to do life and business from a place of heart-centeredness.

In this interview we get into Jasmine’s AMAZING Journey from Silicon Valley Marketing Exec to following her bliss and soul purpose to help spiritual women reach their full potential in business. I hope you enjoy our candid and raw conversation.

Jasmine Ivy is an obsessed #boymom, blessed wife, and one of those “overnight success stories” (which, btw, was 15 years in the making).
Jasmine is a multi-six-figure Law of Attraction coach for spiritual women entrepreneurs, and well, she’s a bit of an anomaly in the online world.
You see, before all this, Jasmine spent about 15+ years working in and out of traditional business, ending her career in Silicon Valley, where she became quite the specialist in masculine energy. (Insert eye roll). What does THAT mean? It means Jasmine became phenomenal at marketing and sales – she’s not just a marketer, she’s a growth hacker and we are #boss — but all the techniques she was supposed to use felt, well, GROSS.
Today, Jasmine is one of the only coaches that perfectly marries the growth-mindset-marketing strategies of the traditional masculine energy world with an energy-first business approach that *finally* ushers the Divine Feminine into the equation.
The result? Way more FLOW and a lot less hustle. Doing what you love, making money, and changing the world.
Value exchange – that’s what business was always meant to be. Jasmine has helped women all over the world turn that dream into a reality, and she’d love to help you too.


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