Ep 2 of The Biz Babes with Soul Podcast: Emily Stoker on Finding Your Voice As An Introverted Online Entrepreneur

I was so honored to have my friend Emily Stoker join me in this episode to discuss how she’s made bold moves in her life and created an extraordinary business. We talk about being an introvert in an extroverted world and dealing with anxiety and depression in the midst of building a business.  I hope you enjoy this candid and honest conversation—I know I did!



Emily is an online video content creator. She grew up in the UK, but after discovering the world of entrepreneurship during an internship in Paris, she knew she wasn’t destined for a 9-5 lifestyle. As soon as she graduated from college she moved to Italy to build a life she loved surrounding her two great loves: travel and entrepreneurship. After building a freelancing portfolio in Italy, she decided to take another leap and build her video content creation business while she traveled. She began making YouTube videos over ten years ago, and today her current channel attracts over 18,000 views per month. What started out as a way to document her adventure turned into the foundation of her business. Now it’s also a way to help fellow adventurous entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, so they can concentrate on living a life they love, too.

YouTube (youtube.com/emilystoker), Facebook (facebook.com/emilykaystoker), Instagram(@EmilyKayStoker), website (emilykaystoker.com)

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