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3 First Steps to Take Before Running Any Facebook Ad

Every day, business owners, like you, are setting up and running ads on Facebook. Some do
their research and figure out how to get the most out of their ad money before starting (go you!).
Others simply follow along with Facebook’s guided setup and end up feeling not very impressed
with their results.

Facebook Ad

If you’re just getting started with Facebook ads, there are a few things you should definitely do
before running your first (or next) ad! Let’s talk about them…

1. Add a Facebook Pixel to Your Website

If you have a website—and I hope you do—adding your Facebook pixel to it is a total must!

What is the Facebook pixel?
It’s a piece of code that you place in the back into the back end of your website. The pixel has
two main functions:

1. It keeps track of who visited your website
2. It takes note of what each person does

This will help track whether or not your ads are working. Are people actually signing up for your
newsletter? Are they downloading your freebie? Did they make a purchase? You can create
custom conversions using the pixel to track any specific action on your site that you’re hoping to
see visitors take. You’ll be able to see so much more than simply whether or not someone
clicked on the link in your ad.

The Facebook pixel also aids you in creating customer audiences…

2. Build Custom Audiences

After you install your pixel, wait a week, or maybe a month depending on how much website
traffic you receive, and let it build up information. The pixel only tracks information on visitors
after it’s been installed—it can’t travel back in time.

After you let the pixel hang out and do its thing for a while, you can then re-target people based
on their actions on your site! These are all people that already know and trust your brand and
will be more responsive to new products/services and offers.

You can also build custom audiences based on an existing list. If you have a list of
customers or newsletter subscribers, for example, you can utilize it to create a custom

3. Measure Your Success With Custom Reports

If you’ve ever run ads before, you’ve probably browsed through the default stats they show…
good but not great information.

Before you even begin to look at Facebook ad results, in fact, before you set your ad up in the
first place, you need to determine exactly how you’re measuring success. What is the final
goal you want viewers to reach?

Remember, page likes are awesome when you’re first growing your page… but what’s the real
value there? And comments and reactions can also give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside, but
not much else.

So make sure you’re choosing the right objective that will give you real results and know how
you’re going to measure it!

Now that you know exactly what you’re looking for, navigate over to the “Columns” drop-down
menu in your Facebook Ads manager ad click “Custom.” Here, you’ll be able to add ONLY the
results that really matter to you making it so much easier and more efficient to check on ad

Ready to get started with Facebook Ads? Let’s setup a time to chat about how I can help you.

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