My own entrepreneurial journey started over 7 years ago. I was working in a soul-destroying corporate job where I felt stuck, uninspired and unfulfilled. I desperately longed for a life of freedom and adventure so I decided to start my own business and I’ve never looked back!

After over 10 years in the industry I can say with confidence, that I am a Marketing & Podcasting Mentor who will transform the way you feel about & look at marketing your business.

WHY? Because I’ve seen it all. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, as well as paid to learn from high profile mentors and through it all I’ve seen that marketing is drastically changing. My approach flips the script on traditional digital marketing funnels, opt-ins, & up-sells. Instead I help my clients hone in their marketing efforts with one element in mind, CONNECTING AS HUMAN BEINGS

My soulmate clients are Soul Focused, High Vibe female entrepreneurs and coaches. I love helping female business owners just like YOU learn to utilize heart-centered digital marketing strategies to connect with your soulmate clients and get you noticed in a crowded online space.

I believe that everyone has a so-called zone of genius – what they’re most passionate about and love doing above all. With my help, you can make what you love most about your business your main priority, while I work my magic to help support your business goals!

I want to help you to take the stress out of  growing your business with a heart-centered, relationship focused approach to digital marketing.

So, what do you get from working with me? Simply put, I am committed to getting you big results! I will help you get more clients, more sales and more money.

Let’s work together so you can up-level
your business, your exposure and your income level.

Together, we can achieve anything. Let’s do this

  • Melody was instrumental in supporting ibüümerang in setting the foundation, establishing the voice and creating a content schedule for all of our social channels. We experienced rapid growth at launch with over 20,000 new followers on our social channels in the first 90 days. Melody supported and spearheaded our efforts in managing this growth and keeping engagement at an all time high.

    I would recommend Melody as a social media and digital marketing strategist for any company looking to grow their social channels and have high engagement!

    Mark Kithcart

    VP of Marketing, ibüümerang
  • Melody is such a kind hearted person and super easy to talk to. She was super helpful and was able to give me a ton of easy to implement information within only 1 session. Thank you Melody for helping me understand how to better market my business on social media and through ads

    Alexandra Marrero

    Health Coach
  • In a matter of 40 minutes with Melody, my podcast co-host Sara and I, were able to understand and implement the basics of launching our own podcast from the ground up, including a better understanding of utilizing digital marketing!

    Melody was able to cut through all the information out there on podcasts, from what mic to buy, where to host your episodes, where to find music, how to edit episodes using Audacity, and so much more!

    We were left with quick actionable steps to get our podcast off the ground and up and running much faster than if we’d not had Melody’s expert help.

    Thank you Melody for cutting through the overwhelm and helping us launch our podcast!

    Heather Procknal,

    Podcast Host & Coach

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